The Origins of the Brickless Group

Having grown from i9tecc, a Spanish construction company founded in 2008, Grupo Brickless has significantly expanded its operations into the US and Brazilian markets. With the company responding to new demands and technologies, Brickless offers unmatched 360º construction solutions and has built more than 12,000 new homes in the US, Argentina, Brazil, and Spain.

Innovate to grow i+d+i

Our philosophy is to take the initiative, we have always opted for technology, for "research + development + innovation" through our i+d+i program, as the main basis for generating new possibilities for progress and quality of life, which that has allowed us to build high quality houses at affordable prices for our clients.

Complete End-to-End Construction

The diversification that Brickless has engaged in over the years has resulted in a company that can successfully manage every aspect of the construction process. From the acquisition of land and promotion of a development to project construction and maintenance, Brickless is a one-stop shop for property development that has seen the company become an industry leader.

Nelson Delgado

CEO |Owner & Creator of Brickless.
Nelson Delgado is a seasoned real estate builder and developer who is passionate about incorporating and creating cutting-edge technology in the construction process of large-scale concrete structures for residential and multi-family real estate developments worldwide. Despite having studied Political Science, his entrepreneurial spirit led him to pursue activities in engineering, where he has extensive specialized courses in Civil Engineering, Industrial Design, and Structural Engineering. His career started as an entrepreneur in the stationery and construction industries, and over the course of 25 years, he has been a driving force behind innovative concepts in the construction industry and has successfully created and refined industrialized construction systems. Delgado's dedication to advancing the field of real estate development through technological advancements has been his greatest achievement, making him a respected figure in the industry.
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In the late 90s, Nelson Delgado served as a partner and General Director of ErichKrause Europe, a company headquartered in Germany with offices in Spain, Portugal, Hong Kong, and Russia. During his leadership, he created and implemented a unique production system that rapidly expanded the company to over 29 countries, making it one of the most successful companies in the stationery sector in Europe.

Day Building on the experience gained in international markets and utilizing his innovative industrialized construction system, Mr. Delgado expanded his business to the United States in 2015. He has established his headquarters in Miami, FL, and oversees the development of various residential projects comprising around 4000 units. These projects have delivered stunning results, exceeding clients' expectations.

Innovative Construction System
Mr. Delgado's BRICKLESS construction system is constantly evolving and innovating. In partnership with leading construction technology industries in Europe, Asia, and the U.S., the system has been enhanced for maximum efficiency and productivity. Notable alliances include Doka in Austria, S-Forms in Korea, Wall Ties Forms (WTF) in the U.S., and WellCamp in China, among others.

Marcelo Delgado

VP of Operations

Gabriel Delgado

VP of Engineering

Carolina Noronha


Bruno Franca

VP of Production

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