Innovative Construction

For developers and construction companies wishing to improve the quality, speed, and cost of building communities, Brickless is the answer. Our state-of-the-art, assembled-on-site concrete formwork delivers strength, durability, design flexibility, and more – with schedules that are up to 40% faster than traditional building methods. This allows for shorter development cycles and favorable ROI on residential, mixed-use, or commercial property.

  • 16 years of proven construction expertise
  • Ability to successfully complete multiple units simultaneously
  • Buildings that meet or exceed the world’s toughest building codes

We specialize in concrete formwork-based construction. As our name suggests, this unique approach allows entire sections of a property to come together at once, instead of going brick by brick.

The industrialized construction system can be adapted to nearly any design, and can help development and construction companies realize better cost controls and efficiency throughout the build.