Taking Property Development to New Heights

Fully Automated Construction

The ABB ZeroLabor robotic platform integrated into the Brickless production system is fully automated, delivering work processes efficiently and with high precision. Completely flexible, the system can be configured to meet any client's specific needs.

Build A New Home in Just 15 Days

With the ZeroLabor robotic system, Brickless is able to complete a new house from scratch in just 15 days. Made of concrete, the basic structure is built in a single day using the Brickless construction system, with pre-manufactured PODs then brought in from the robotic factory and installed in the concrete shell.

Hurricane Proof House

The Brickless construction system produces homes made from monolithic concrete, resulting in houses that are 100% protected against hurricanes, cyclones, and all manner of other natural hazards.

Impact Windows

All our houses are built with impact windows, providing our clients with greater security and well-being.

Concrete Roof

Clients can choose houses with concrete roofs or roof trusses, with a vast selection of modern designs to select from.

The Eco-Friendly Answer

With COVID, climate exchange, and supply chain issues having thrown the world into turmoil recently, Brickless is designing communities that are ready for the future. By pushing the boundaries of construction technology, we’re creating modern environmentally friendly homes that have a positive impact on the world.

Tailor-Made Homes

Your Dream Home, Our Expertise

Essence Village has over 730 acres designed for mixed-use including:

- 1391 Single-Family Homes
- 662 Townhomes
- 550 Multi-Family Units

Another 100 acres are ready for commercial development.
Essence Village is a new community of homes that are designed to be as affordable as possible. Constructed with energy-efficient materials, including reclaimed wood and insulation, they help residents to significantly save on their energy bills. With many of the lots being similar in size to traditional lots — and with backyards — Essence Village isn’t just an affordable option for a new family home, it’s an environmentally friendly one too.

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Smart Home Living

We are excited to introduce ‘Essence Village’, a new eco-friendly community in Florida. As the name suggests, Essence Village has been designed using advanced technologies in order to make its residents’ lives easier and more environmentally friendly. Leveraging solar energy, renewable resources, and recyclable materials, every home in the village is built to run smoothly, affordable, and cleanly. Whether you’re a family or on your own, Essence Village has the home that’s right for you.

Smart Phone Controls

Security System
Power Supply System
Thermal Control
Solar Panel
House Closing System

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