The Technology of Tomorrow

Faster construction speed, reduced costs, fewer construction-associated accidents and risks, increased quality, a quicker sales cycle, and less waste are just a few of the many benefits developers and construction companies receive from our innovative construction system.

The Shell-Tech Monolithic Advantage

Streamlined Pre-Construction

  • Each custom-designed set of concrete forms is evaluated for quality control and fully test assembled before being delivered for on-site assembly. This ensures teams have everything they need to complete construction quickly, with little or no downtime associated with insufficient materials or components.
  • Brickless engineers will train, guide, and work side-by-side with general contractors, engineers, and other developer build teams to guarantee the best-possible results when working with Brickless concrete forms.

Enhanced Safety

  • Safety systems and accessories such as scaffolding, walkways, and more are all made to work seamlessly with all Brickless concrete form projects. This means procedures for workers are consistent and repeatable across multiple builds, which greatly reduces the chance of worker error.
  • Major components built off site helps eliminate injuries associated with framing, concrete pours, and other hand-building tasks.

Faster Construction Timelines

  • Turnaround time on large builds, towers, and commercial buildings averages one floor every 3 to 6 days, depending on size.
  • Single-family build speeds average one single-story detached home per day.
  • No special tools or equipment are required to assemble formwork panels.
  • Clear markings for position and direction allow workers to successfully position components correctly the first time with only minimal training.
  • Low panel weight and built-in handle grips allow for quick and easy fine-tuning and positional adjustments.

Flexible. Scalable. Smart.

  • Easily adaptable process can be customized to create concrete panels for any type of build.
  • Specialized features such as architectural details or other design considerations can be seamlessly integrated into the formwork process.
  • Aluminum forms are re-usable, significantly reducing on-site waste and associated costs from wood and other traditional concrete framing.
  • Brickless system works equally effectively across any size development – no project is too large!

A Streamlined Construction Process

A Shell-Tech™ structure by Brickless requires only 8 steps to go from groundbreaking to finished development. Unlike conventional systems which can have dozens of steps, our 100% all-concrete components are modular and assemble on site to deliver exterior shells, interior walls, roofs, and more in a fraction of the time.

Site Preparation

A consistent, uniform site is filled and graded according to the master site plan. This eliminates unnecessary delays due to geographic conditions encountered during construction.


The base layers for Brickless technology are set with proper outlines, dimensions, and lot allowances as specified by plans and by code. This important step also includes preparing areas for footings, support beams, and other structures that may be needed over the course of the construction timeline.

Structural Reinforcement

Though concrete is an incredibly strong material on its own, Brickless makes certain that all contact points between foundations and vertical structures are reinforced with steel rebar for maximum stability and support.

Electrical & Plumbing Infrastructure

Prior to major assembly, electrical and plumbing master lines are run throughout the property with connectivity to those areas specified on the plan. For turn-key and other custom projects, Brickless will also complete electrical and plumbing to the rough-in stage as requested.

Form Assembly & Outer Concrete Overlay

Modular walls, roofs, and other components are delivered to the project site and assembled via cranes and heavy machinery into their designated places. Once the full outer shell is completed it is covered with an outer layer of poured concrete to seal edges and create a smooth exterior surface for finish work and materials.

Roof Waterproofing

After the concrete roof is affixed to the structure it is smoothed, coated, and sealed with watertight membranes and roof coverings to keep water and moisture from penetrating the surface of the concrete. The base roof layer is compatible with all major roofing membrane manufacturers.

Cabinets, Fixtures & Other Finishes

Offered as a turn-key service, but also available as an add-on to any package, Brickless teams will install kitchens, bathrooms, flooring, electrical outlets, lighting, and other design-level finishes as specified by your custom design/build plan.

Completed Home

Brickless also provides making any property we build completely move-in ready – which includes exterior stucco or custom facades, basic landscaping, driveways, and more.

system features

Monolithic panels

Brickless concrete-formwork panels come in a variety of standard sizes or can be customized to suit developer specifications. The re-usable aluminum forms both ensure consistent and accurate sizing while also minimizing fabrication costs.

Suitable for walls, floors, and more

One of the key advantages of the Brickless industrialized construction system is that it is appropriate for use across all structural components. Walls, floors, roofs, columns, stairs, and more can all be created through the formwork process and then can be quickly re-assembled on site.

Rapid, secure assembly

Positioning Brickless concrete panels is efficient. All panels connect with pin-and-wedge brackets or can be customized to accommodate other types of connection points, including hurricane straps or other components as per developer instructions.

All interior and exterior walls are also equipped with flat ties to help serve as guides for thickness and accuracy, while still being fully removable and reusable throughout the build process.

Accommodates all interior and exterior features

The Brickless industrialized construction process accommodates doorways, window openings, stairs, flooring, support beams, balconies, and overhangs. Vertical components are tested to a concrete strength of 2 N/mm2 – usually a 12-hour curing process. Horizontal components are tested to a concrete strength of 10N/mm2 – usually a 36-hour curing process.

Construction Process

Integrated Safety Systems

The framework components used in the Brickless Development system come with their own built-in systems for walkways, guardrails, scaffolding, platforms, and more. These components lock into place with custom-brackets for the highest levels of stability and safety for workers.

Do you know what BIM is?

BIM (Building Information Modeling) is an intelligent 3D model-based process that gives architecture, engineering, and construction (AEC) professionals the insight and tools to more efficiently plan, design, construct, and manage buildings and infrastructure.